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Type: Monolayer

Materials: LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP

Capabilities: Rapid production of general purpose films.

Thickness: From 10 microns to 500 microns

Width: From 100 mm to 2.7 metres.

Product examples: fruit and vegetable bags, grain packaging, refuse bags, shrink wrap, overwraps.


Type: Three layer blown film system

Materials: Can combine any combination of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, EMA, Metallocenes, Surlyn, Nucrel and Polypropylene.

Capabilities: The fully automated process can produce any type of plastic to a 3% tolerance. 

Thickness: From 20 microns to 1000 microns (Depending on blends)

Width: From 150 mm to 2800mm or 3.3 metres (gusseted)

Product examples: any custom packaging which requires specific clarity, strength or rigidity such as stretch hoods, glass-like polypropylene packaging, cereal packaging or technical and lamination films.


Type: Central Impression

Capabilities:  6 and 8 colours,  using polymer plates

Product examples: Rapid and cost effective production of tone and line work.

Type: Stack Press

Capabilities: 4 and 6 colours, polymer plates for line work

Product examples: Rapid and cost effective production of line work with reverse printing.

Type: Rotogravure press

Capabilities: 8 colours, copper engraved cylinders

Product examples:  High resolution photo quality, crisp printing with no slippage or smudging.


Type: Solventless lamination

Capabilities: Laminates to international standard, no odour or possibility of solvent contamination.

Product examples:  snack food and confectionery packaging, any foiled food or products which require barrier properties.


Type: High Speed Tension controlled

Capabilities: Slit widths from 25mm to 1300mm with record edge at speeds of up to 500 m/min.

Product example: Printed shrink for beverages, Metalised Bopp foil for snack foods, printed Bopp and polyester FFS films for confectioneries and biscuits, wrap around labels.

Bags & Pouches

Types: High speed servo driven machines

Capabilities:  Precise sealing and sizing to exact specifications. 

Product Examples: Round bottom, wicketed bread and chicken bags, courier bags, vest type carriers, back seal pouches, tamper proof and resealable bags, bag on rolls, prepacking bags, patch and loop handle boutique bags, shrink shrouds, drum and containers liners, mattress bags.

Folding and Gusseting

Type: Off line folding and gusseting.

Capabilities: Printing and turning print to maximise print exposure. Printing inside gusset Various folding options, two up to five folds. Air tight PP folding.

Product Example: Toilet roll bags, prepacking bags, frozen food bags and FFS film, mist free bags, printed baler bags.


Type: Erema degassing recycler

Capabilities: Converts both printed and non printed plastics into re-usable materials. 

Benefits: All scrap is recycled which makes the production process cost effective and environmentally friendly. We also offer our clients a buy back on redundant or surplus stock.