Are we a match?

I need a specific blend and thickness of material

Our Keifel co-extruder can provide 3 layers of co-extrusion with up to 12 different polymer structures.  Whatever your requirements we can produce to your exact specifications.  The extrusion process is fully automated guaranteeing less than 3% tolerance at thicknesses of 20 microns to 1000 microns and widths of 150mm to 3.3 metres.

I need a partner who can produce quality at an affordable price

Our combination of experience and technology enables us to produce the finest plastic products at a very competitive price.  We believe we can supply your needs and provide significant cost savings to your business.

I need expert advice on the latest materials

We specialise in advising our customers on the latest plastics technology.  We regularly inform our clients of innovations which can enhance their product appeal and/or save them money.  As a specific example, we achieved a 27% cost reduction for one of our clients with no compromise on quality simply by changing the extrusion method.

We work to very tight schedules.  Can we rely on you to deliver?

Our turnaround times are impressive and we have the capacity to hold stock for our regular clients in our warehouse to ensure that we can cover every eventuality.

We need photo quality print on our packaging

Our rotogravure printing press combines 10 colours with steel plates.  The result is high definition, photo quality printing with no slippage or smudging.